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Without hope we are lost - Marwan Darwish

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We are entirely self-funded so any support you can give will be greatly appreciated.

We cover all of our own expenses so you can be sure that all donations go towards our projects in Palestine.

Here are some examples of the costs of important items we buy to support our projects in Palestine.



To buy an olive tree - £15

To buy 5 grapevines - £30



To buy a book for a child - £10

To pay for a fun day out for a child - £20

To pay a teacher's salary for a month - £200


Women's Initiatives

To fund a soap making business - £500

To buy a sewing Machine - £500

To purchase a Pastry Oven- £1000

If you want to support us, you can do via our our Give As You Live link. The is a secure mechanism and allows you to either send a single donation or set up a monthly donation.

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What we do

We raise money to help Palestinian women, children and farmer's initiatives throughout the West Bank

Supporting agriculture and planting
One of the main areas we would like to support is agriculture. Palestine is synonymous with olives and the olive tree is a symbol that is so deeply entrenched in Palestinian culture. It is the connection to the land and nourishment to the population. There are olive trees still productive in Palestine that date back to biblical and Roman times.
Supporting children and young people
During our many visits to Palestine we have observed the impact of Israeli occupation, as well as social and financial deprivation on the mental and physical health of children and young people.
Supporting Womens Initiatives
Projects in Palestine are committed to supporting women's initiatives. We aim to support women by funding community and individual enterprises, which provide financial security and the means to support themselves and their dependents.

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Here is the team behind Projects in Palestine.










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